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Scott deLahunta (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 12:07:11 +0200

To follow up on Mark's suggestion that people submit events... I would also
be very keen to read some short reports on some of the projects which have
already happened. For instance, I would like to hear how Jean-Marc's
telematic "TOUCH" project went in Genva/ Paris on 11 September. Can anyone
report on whether or not anything interesting was happening at Ars
Electronica in Linz, 8-13 September? Mark Bokowiec and The Electronic Dance
Theatre company just performed "the anatomy class" in Huddersfield, UK.
Also, Stephan Koplowitz and Webbed Feats have just pulled off their big site
specific event in Bryant Park... there has been little reporting on this
list about that -- nic submitted the NYT's preview article on the work and
an interesting note about Webbed Feats being picked up by 'pointcast'.

Now -- ISEA '97 is happening in Chicago right now. Keynote speakers are
Laurie Anderson, Nolan A. Bowie (professor at Temple University School of
Communications and Theater, Department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications
and Mass Media), performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Peľa, and Sherry Turkle
(author of Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet). There
are several papers and workshops which are very relevant for people on this
list, for example a workshops "to introduce artists to the problems involved
with interpreting movement and gesture of multiple participants in a single
shared physical space".

Coming up -- Digital Dancing in London 24 October through 7 November --
still (but not for long) accepting applications from people who want to take
part in the 'cyberstudio'.

You can find more details and the urls for both ISEA and Digital Dancing on
the DANCE AND TECHNOLOGY ZONE's upcoming events

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