Re: serious work

imma Sarries-Zgonc (
Sat, 06 Sep 1997 19:13:44 +0200

Dear list,
I have been silent for a while partly because I was away for a month,
partly because my e-mail software got fucked up in the workshop we gave
in Dresden with Johannes and it took me a couple of weeks -since I am
mean while rehearsing 8 hours a day- to figure out what was wrong and
how to solve the damn thing.And partly because many times I did not know
how to start digging into the conversations with my own little spoon -I
sense I am too unexperienceed sometimes to comment on some of the

Nevertheless I would like to comment and mean while respond to some of
the questions that have been raised lately.
I belive first of all that serious work is that which is done with
belive on what one wants to express, research or/and comment on.
Whatever shape you wish to give it. I find myself, since I am mainly a
"physical" person, coucious when it comes to choose which technological
tool might help me convey my work to others.
So how do we use technique? How put it really to our service and not put
ourselves to its service. To me what I try to convey is still the most
important issue and the goal of my work and processes. So whenever I
have an idea I need to think how it will change -and so will its
meaning- when we give it a new shape, when me manipulate it. I need to
think of what is it that I whant to manipulate and what do I rather
leave the way I created it in the first place.
There is reflection to be done about the new meanings, about the
ractions the new shape will provoque in us and in the audience who do
not know our initial processes.
What is it that the live body can convey and the purely material work
cannot? What can be conveyed with technology without the body because of
some of its limitations...

All those are questions we all are faced with, I know.
In any case, and allthough my knowledge of technology is very limited
and I know I need to get better there, I am not giving up the time I
take for my body work, because I already noticed it is very easy to
start playing arround with machinery -it is very time consuming too-
and forget about the real creative side of it, about what we really
wanted in the first place.

So I guess I am just talking about wanting to be "serious" working,
which means devoting your trust, belive and energy to get to something
which speaks for yourself to other people and to yourself. A point in
the life process which will bring you to research further. In that
sense, I belive we all are doing our best -Sarah included-.

Nevertheless, I know for a fact that for dancers it is many times
difficult to reach to some other medias -call it lack of money or luck
of access-. Me myself I have been doing some light design and some
little video work and little video editing, because I have not have the
resources to do so as often as I wish I could. I am not complaining so
much about lack of time, but lack of opportunities...

I will stop here.
Best regards to all of you