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Scott deLahunta (
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 10:44:44 +0200

I have just added two new critical pieces to the Dance and Technology Zone
( which I encourage you to check out.

Kunst, Bojana. BODY AND SPACE (This article was first published in MASKA
(V/13) Triple Issue / Spring 1995).

This theoretical article focusses on the some of the ways in which
individual categories for relationships between theatrical space and
theatrical body have evolved in the history of the 20th c. theater. While
not specifically referring to 'new technologies' (except in a footnote) this
article helps to lay a framework for future discussions about some of the
'virtual spaces' which performers (some of us reading this list) are
attempting to forge into theatrical spaces.

Kunst, Bojana. THE LAST TERRITORY ( This article was first published in
Frakcija [N.4] - April 1997, Zagreb, Croatia; Rhizome internet; and Ballett
International / Tanz Aktuell [N.8-9] - August 1997, Berlin, Germany).

This article appears in more or less the same form in the issue of Tanz
Aktuell we have all been talking about. References to Stelarc, Orlan and
Artaud lay the ground for considering that the contemporary body, as a
representational and expressive entity, is being challenged by new
technologies -- either to function as a 'last territory' of resistance, or
as a participant in the extensions and transgressions of its borders.


Please continue to inform me of and forward pieces to me for inclusion in
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