RE: Dialogue

Johannes Birringer (
Mon, 1 Sep 97 23:14 +0100

Dear Lynn

re: dance research journal
1) How can I improve or refine or change these questions to address some
meaty issues?
2) Any volunteers out there who'd like to write?

I gather that there's a volunteer to be the enthusiast (Lisa).

I'd like to go along with it, if you wish, and play the role of the cautionary
teller, but perhaps there are other ideas coming from the list concerning the
treatment of such a dialogue. How about if Lisa and I did an actual dialogue, or
some of us did a "round table"? Or do you prefer to brief essays dealing with
the pros and cons? I think the issue is complex, and many-faceted, since "dance
& technology" is a wide terrain. Some of us work in different ways with the
integration of dance and technology, having different experiences, good and bad.
The problems as I see them are part of the methods in which we do the process
(workshop, rehearsal, production). Dance & technology training (at academies,
universities) might be another issue altogether.

Please let us know what the journal would find most lively.


Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.