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The Dance-Technology Zone is currently in an archived state. There are plans to create a new site that will be located at dancetechnology.org to combine material from the DTZ with the archives of the dance-tech list as well as new material. For more information, or to offer suggestions, contact me at scott@dancetechnology.com.

- Scott Sutherland

The following links are to a wide range of ON-LINE electronic books, papers, journals, monographs and essays which relate, both directly and indirectly, to the issues and debates surrounding the use of new media and information technologies in the creation and performance of dance, dance theater and related live performance work. You will also find articles here of a more practical and technical nature (if you are interested in technical information, don't miss Mark Coniglio's Roll Your Own section of this site). If you have material you would like to submit to this site or see included here, please contact Scott Sutherland <scott@scottsutherland.com>.

Please note that these pages have not been updated since 30 July 1998.

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Auslander, Philip. 'Ontology vs. History: Making Distinctions Between the Live and the Mediatized'. published in the Digital Conference on Performance and Technology's archives. (this site is down for the summer and says it will be back up on 24 September)

Batson, Genna. 'Somatic Choreology'. Project Summary, Institute for Studies in the Arts. March 1996.

Birringer, Johannes. 'Lively Bodies -- Lively Machines'. Extensive report on the a workshop given originally at the SPLIT SCREEN Festival organized by the Chichester Institute. Written 10 October 1996.

Burt, Warren. Unfortunately this link no longer works and I have been unable to locate it elsewhere online. 'Thoughts on Physicality and Interaction in Current Electronic Music and Art'. First presented at the New Music Australia Conference, Melbourne University, 2 July 1992. Published in Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture 8:1 69-81.

Critical Art Ensemble. 'The Electronic Disturbance'. Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia. Anti-copyright 1994.

'Dance and Technology Special Issue'. Interface. Spring/ Summer 1996.

deLahunta, Scott 'New Media and Information Technologies and Dance Education'. Paper given at the international symposium 'Future Moves', Rotterdam, Sept. 1996.

deLahunta, Scott. Sampling... convergences between dance and technology. An overview paper presented at the Art Crash Symposium which took place in Aarhus, Denmark from 2-4 April.

deLahunta, Scott. Speculative Paper: Theater/ Dance and New Media and Information Technologies. Written and presented to the Working Groups on Dance and Drama, Research Group on Reorganisation of Professional Arts Education, Amsterdam, April 1998.

Denny, Jean, Robb Lovell, John Mitchell. Virtual Space Harmony: The Value of Rudolf Laban's Theory of Space Harmony as a Means to Navigate a Virtual Stage Environment (VSE). Institute for Studies in the Arts, March 1996.

Gromala, Diana and Yacov Sharir. Virtual Bodies: Travels Within. (precise date unknown, but in the vicinity of 1994).

Hayles, N. Katherine. 'Constrained Constructivism: Locating Scientific Inquiry in the Theater of Representation'. appeared in New Orleans Review, 18 (1991) and was reprinted in Realism and Representation: Essays on the Problem of Realism in Relation to Science, Literature, and Culture.

Jones, Mark, Editor. 'Cyberstage Live'. The On-Line supplement to Cyberstage Magazine, Toronto, Ontario.

Kac, Eduardo. Aspects of the Aesthetics of Telecommunications. Originally published in Siggraph Visual Proceedings, John Grimes and Gray Lorig, Editors (New York: ACM, 1992), pp. 47-57.

Kozel, Susan. Material Mapping: Review of Digital Dancing 1997. (submitted to D&TZ in January 1998).

Kozel, Susan. Spacemaking: Experiences of a Virtual Body. (*a longer version of this article appeared in Dance Theatre Journal, vol 11 no 3, autumn 1994).

Kunst, Bojana. BODY AND SPACE (This article was first published in MASKA (V/13) Triple Issue / Spring 1995).

Kunst, Bojana. THE LAST TERRITORY ( This article was first published in Frakcija [N.4] - April 1997, Zagreb, Croatia; Rhizome internet; and Ballett International / Tanz Aktuell [N.8-9] - August 1997, Berlin, Germany).

Laurel, Brenda and Rachel Strickland. Placeholder Papers. Placeholder was a Virtual Reality project produced by Interval Research Corporation and The Banff Centre, and directed by Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland, which explored a new paradigm for narrative action in virtual environments. On this site, you will find related papers in Microsoft Word RTF format. To read them, load the page in your browser, save it as an *.rtf (rich text format) document and open in your word processor (which must be able to read RTF files).

Macri, Teresa...  'Il Corpo Postorganico'. A short on-line article in Italian about artists working with the body in radical ways, including Orlan, Stelarc, Marcel.Lì Antunez Roca and Matthew Barney.

Mul, Jos de. 'Networked Identities: Human Identity in the Digital'. International Symposium on Electronic Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands. September 1996.

McAuley, Gay. ''Exploring the paradoxes: on comparing film and theatre''. in Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture vol. 1 no 2 (1987) Film, TV and the Popular. Edited by Philip Bell & Kari Hanet.

Norman, Sally Jane. 'Acting and Enacting: Stakes of New Performing Arts'. ISEA 95 Proceedings, Montreal, 1996, pp.211-214

Norman, Sally Jane. 'Dramatis Personae: Casting Cyberselves'. Paper given at 5CYBERCONF, Fifth International Conference on Cyberspace June 6th to 9th, 1996.

Norman, Sally Jane. 'Theaters of Cyber (Re-)Creation'. published in 'Diary of a Lighthouse Keeper', Nokia Mediarama -- Spring 1997.

Pinhanez, Claudio S.. 'Computer Theater'.To appear in ISEA'97, Chicago, September 1997. Also as Perceptual Computing Tech. Rep. No. 378. May 1996.

Ramsey, Susie. 'Bring Your Body: The Dance Community and New Technologies'. Presented at the National Arts Centre, Mexico City, Nov. 1994. Published in Kunstforum International #133, Feb-April 1996, edited by Florian Roetzer.

Rheingold, Howard. 'Tools For Thought: The People and Ideas of the Next Computer Revolution' First published by Simon & Schuster, 1985. Copyright Howard Rheingold, 1985. This book is out of print; all rights have reverted to the author. Feel free.

Rodger, David. Sensing Motions: Defining a 'Tradition' in Interactive Music Performance. A version of this paper was delivered at the Musicological Society of Australia conference at the University of Melbourne, May 1996.

Schiphorst, Thecla. Merce Cunningham: Cyberdances with Lifeforms. Available here on-line via Jason Marchant.

Schiphorst, Thecla. 'Lifeforms': an Interview with Evantheia Schibsted for Hotwired Issue 4.10 -- October 1996

Schiphorst, Thecla. 'Body Noise: subtexts of computers and dance'. Published in Computer Graphics, February 1997

Schiphorst, Thecla. 'Bodymaps: artifacts of touch'. Description of a Computer Interactive Proximity and Touch Sensor Driven Audio/ Video Installation.

Sermon, Paul. 'From Telematic Man to Heaven in the Net'. Feb. 1997.

Sharir, Yacov. Influence of Technology and The Tools. (the dates of these two interviews is not clear, but in the Tools interview Sharir talks a bit about the Dancing with the Virtual Dervish project).

Sharir, Yacov. Virtually Dancing. (submitted to D&TZ in January 1998).

Steggell, Amanda. The Inverted Relay Race (and other observations). First published in the 1998 spring edition of the DANCE RESEARCH JOURNAL.

Thacker, Eugene. .../visible_human.html/digital anatomy and the hyper-texted body. Published online in CTHEORY-THEORY, TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE-VOL 21, NO 1-2, Article 60, 98/06/02, Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

Theodores, Diana. 'Connecting Bodies Symposium: comments before final panel discussion'. Connecting Bodies Symposium, Amsterdam, June 1996.

Ventura, Pablo. Dancing Computer. Submitted to DTZ, April 1998.

Vissicaro, Peggy. Dance, Education, and Technology: A Postmodern Approach'. Arizona State University. Published in New Media, Sara McNeil and Tom Troutman, Eds. (long document, load fully and search for Vissicaro).

Wark, McKenzie. 'Post Human? All Too Human'. From World Art Magazine.

Wechsler, Robert. 'Computers and Art: a dancer's perspective'.

Wechsler, Robert.'Computers and Dance: Back to the Future?'. Published in Dance Research Journal, Spring 1998.

Wechsler, Robert.'O Body Swayed to Music... (and vise versa)'. Published in Leonardo Magazine, Fall 1997.

Williams, Jim. The Electric Ballerina: Animations and VR Objects. "Short computer animations illustrate ballet steps and movements, in QuickTime (Mac or Windows) format."

Wilson, Emily O. 'An Interview with Troika Ranch' and 'Dance & Technology'. both articles archived on Dance On-Line's site.

Electronic Publishing Sites with Related Material

Practical/ Technical Articles

Bromwich, Mark. 'A Single Performer Controlled Interface for Electronic Dance/Music Theatre'. Poster presented at 1995 International Computer Music Conference 'Digital Playgrounds', Banff Centre, Canada. Paper published in ICMC proceedings.

Herbison-Evans, Don. 'Publications '. Several articles relating to computers and dance/ dance notation and computer animation.

Mitchell, John D. and Robb E. Lovell. 'Environment for the Interactive Design of Emergent Art'. International Symposium on Electronic Art, Montreal, Canada. September 17-21 1995.

Mitchell, John D. and Robb E. Lovell. 'Using Human Movement to Control Activities in Theatrical Environments'. Third International Conference on Dance and Technology. 18-21 May '95, York University, Toronto.

Schiphorst, Thecla and Sang Mah. 'The Electric Body Project'. Gestural Sampling and Mapping Techniques for Dance Choreography (Applications Sketch for Siggraph '97)

Winkler, Todd. 'Creating Interactive Dance with the Very Nervous System'. From the Proceedings of the 1997 Connecticut College Symposium on Art and Technology.

Winkler, Todd.'Making Motion Musical: Gesture Mapping Strategies for Interactive Computer Music'. From the Proceedings of the 1995 International Computer Music Conference, Banff, Canada.

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