RE: some other events in computer/dance land

Amanda Steggell (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 10:39:26 +0200 (MET DST)

Hellooeee :)

Johannes wrote:
That pretty much puts
>on-line/Internet experiments on hold, for one of our future workshops (among
>list members I hope) where we can plan and prepare an event and ideas for a a
>while, also carefully.
>I am, in a sense, answering Amanda's somewhat impatient reaction to the
>meal idea we had a few weeks ago. I suggest some of us who are interested
>in a
>shared project meet in the flesh and then cook a meal while we make a plan.
- Johannes, I was meaning to follow up that indegestion mail with another
on which went like this:

I told about making jam this summer, and what I meant was that instead of
setting net projects in a specific framework of thematic content, why not
start jamming! There r enough people here to just START a jam - and this
can b either real time exchange, or mailing material, or using existing
material - could mayb make an addition to the dance tech site - workshop
space, mayb, if something gets going.

What I'm after is more a spontaneous start .................... and an
informal ongoing work space which will either live or die depending on how
much enthusiasm there is amongst us - mayb it's what u were talking about
Johannes - but I mean it's possible to exchange without having to fleshmeet
to plan.

And then c what comes out of the playful process
This may sow the seeds for a more formal workshop which needs more planning
- but the exchange I'm talking about could lead to an adventure which has
yet to b revealed.

I told a bit about open rehearsels we held - now I know this is not always
possible - but just looking into someone's workspace, with cu-seeme, 4 ex.
is really ok. Anyone want 2 invite me to a rehearsal? Time permitting -
I'll show up.

with love from amanda
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