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Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 11:47:47 +0200

Hi Mark,

I am sitting here trying to decide whether or not I should head off to
Denmark this weekend to a performance art festival a friend has organised...
just don't know.

Well, anyway -- yes, it's interesting news about Tanz Aktuell... and, yes,
it would have been good if we had both known about it. You suggested maybe
putting a quote on our site someplace... well, the whole thing reads like
this: "Recent publications can be located on 'Dance & Technology Zone'
(; a big link collection and mailing list that keeps its
subscribers right up to date on current dance issues makes this page a must
for all those looking to integrate new media and IT in their choreographic
and/or dance work."

I have attached a page where I've thrown part of the quote in -- I don't
know. Well, certainly the way I have done it looks horrible, a better design
is required and shorter text. One trouble is that it sort of repeats our own
first line. Maybe it could go on our 'mission statement' page. But if you
come up with something you think looks good, I'm interested...

At 08:58 AM 8/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Dance & Tech Festival thingie.

Yeh -- hey thanks a lot for your honest and straightforward reflections on
this. I am also, as you could probably tell from previous emails, nervous
about being able to really contribute fully to pulling the event off. I have
so much going on here just to sort of survive, and this year is an important
one for me here where a lot of former threads are converging and I'm hoping
to capitalize (quite literally) on this. I will be forced this year to
negotiate a contract with the School of the Arts (which means more security,
but half the cash flow because they start paying your taxes) -- and I'm
hoping to be in a strong position once these talks come around. Also, Sue is
going to be working on her piece this fall and winter, so it's just going to
be very busy all around for us.

So, in a short form, that's sort of my excuses for being nervous about my
time -- and these projects such as on the one we are considering, let me
tell you from experience, take up a HUGE amount of time and energy -- HHHH

On the other hand, I do believe we sketched together an absolutely right on
and exciting proposal for this event... I really think it hit the right
cords and I hesitate to let it go. I suppose if you felt that you had that
perfectly appropriate grant application for the project and, with your newly
discovered grant writing skills, felt you would like to go ahead and see
what happens, then by all means.

The thing is though, if you/ we were to get the money then you can say
goodbye to Troika activities for some of the year. There is an intensive
period of getting people on board and spaces and equipment scheduled ahead
of time (a year ahead or more), then things go a bit quiet before the
publicity time -- but by a bit quiet, you will still be problem solving
constantly as so and so can't come and such and such space falls through,
etc. As the event approaches the solid 2 months beforehand it can be just
about full-time. I would have trouble helping very much at all this fall (so
working on that intensive period of initial organising) or the spring (so
would miss out on pulling together publicity), but would be able to come
over for the summer to work on it fulltime for a few months.

What about the old idea if taking our idea and 'selling it' to Neil or
someone else == just look for a guarantee that Troika would be featured and
we would have some say in the content... like be on a board of advisors or
something. I would be sort of up for this, why not? We, at least, would be
associated with the event and otherwise someone else is going to do it
themselves in their own way I expect.


But otherwise, I was happy to read about your commitment to Troika and your
excitement about getting back into the studio. There is a lot to be said for
getting back into the studio -- I'm trying to do it myself. I have quit
smoking (had a dream about it last night) and am attempting to regain some
of my former fitness. This is a year when I am really really going to try
and manage my stress levels better and to learn to enjoy myself more without
resorting to alternative forms of escapism like too much drinking and
interminable amounts of tv sometimes.

>Well, I must run again. Let's do plan to have a CU this week. Your evenings
>are my afternoons, so any day this week is OK except Tuesday.

Yes, how about this evening... 7 pm my time would be good -- that's 1 pm for
you. How about it? Would you send me your IP no. (once again), just in case
it's different.

Hope to cu soon !! Scott

>P.P.P.S How did the Dutch intensive go... I remember one phrase: Hooval
>kost dit? No one would answer in English when I asked this in the stores.
>Perhaps it was my accent ;-)

Well, the dutch intensive was great -- but I need to keep it up on a daily
basis. I've lost so much already... it's frustrating.

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