a blackbook apology

nik (nik@websciences.org)
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 19:09:20 -0700

An apology.

The blackbook is now hundred's of times faster.

A mistake i made in writing my code to cooperate with the sql server i'm
using caused the
performance of the blackbook to drop off big time as the number of users
got large.

That has been corrected and the throughput is hundred's of times better.
Any request that can be
made from that interface should take well less than a second on the server
side. The should be robust
even under the presence of a large number of simultainious requests.

This means any delay should now be on the client side. (i.e. the speed of
the user's computer/internet connection). In other
words the speed of accessing database results should be the same as that
user experiences for
accessing a static html page.

Also, by popular request, i'll add a "yahoo-style" hierarchical interface
as well and work on the update
utility this weekend.

Again, Perdone.



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