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Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 13:58:28 +0200

Some new pieces have been added to the DTZ critical theory pages

Philip Auslander -- Ontology vs History: making distinctions between the
live and the mediatized. Auslander writes about the remaining ideological
tendency to "place live performance and mediatized or technologized forms in
opposition to each other". He challenges this ideology by suggesting a
destabilization via a reference to an 'electronic ontology' of media as it
might be applied to live performance. Frank Popper's 'art in the electronic
age' would be good reading for anyone interested in this line of thinking.

Dance and Technology, special issue of Interface spring/summer 1996. Couple
of articles, among them Joukje Kolff and Robbie Shaw write about what they
envision for the future of dance/tech while also trying to maintain a
relationship with their 'dancer's' body. Will Smith pragmatically embraces
the new possibilities inherent in bringing technology to dance and vice versa.

Gay McAuley -- Exploring the Paradoxes: on comparing film and theater. In
this article, McAuley discusses the need to revisit and rework some of the
theoretical distinctions between theater and film. While not directly
related to dance, some of the issues dealt with overlap. The theater stage/
screen debate has more players and we (dancers) can benefit from their work
by extrapolation, especially for those concerned particularly with the
making of narrative(s).

Sally Jane Norman -- Theaters of Cyber (re-) Creation. Norman's short text
reminds us not to forget to look to the wisdom of jugglers and dancers,
acrobats, illusionists and puppeteers -- theatrical forms which are
"specifically concerned with inventing new gestural registers" -- as we
sally forth into new cyberworlds. The text pays extra attention to the 'arts
of puppetry'... a theatrical form which has specific resonance with a number
of areas of 'dance/tech' related endeavors, robotics, lifeforms, input
devices, etc.

Howard Rheingold -- Tools for Thought: The people and ideas of the next
computer revolution. Rheingold is a find chronicler of certain histories of
the information age we are living in. This is good auxiliary reading for
anyone interested in some of the origins of the 'knowledge industry'.



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