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Jason Marchant wrote:
>Come on! How can an OS not be real? Win/NT is a modern OS. Not like MAC
>or Windows 95 built on 80's needs! And I still think it is 'hip'

> Win/NT is a modern OS.

win/NT is not a 'modern' OS but it is a real OS. win/NT is basically unix
nixed with a bastard child of windows. and it is very, very, very different
from dos windows runs on top of of dos kernal.

we can speak for days citing examples of how stupidly designed dos is but
dos started out as q-dos for these little toy 'heath kit' computers running
an 8088. the 8088 was designed as a washing machine chip/general purpose
controller which hobbists used.

all the memory swapping crap (i.e. running in protected memory ) is for
backward compability to the 8088 'cuz the bios sits on top of memory. i can
write directly to the kernal in dos simply using a pointer to that location
in memory. that's just stupid - it makes it extremely easy to write
'virusus' or to trash the OS via bad programming.

there is OS support for multitasking - this is why 3d studio needs at least
32 meg ram and they recommend 64.

dos is a toy operating system which was orginally designed for toy
computers. Microsoft wants to dump in favor of NT - this is why NT is being
pushed so much. the next version of windows may look like windows 95 but at
its heart - it's kernal - will be NT.

intel is trashing the 8088 backward compatilbilty notion in the p8. they
already pipeline that chip to death and they know they won't be able to
keep up in speed if they stick to that architecture - instead they
dedicate a small portion of the chip to emulation - which means you'll
still be able to run old programs just not as fast as those compield for
the new chip.



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