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Susan Kozel (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 17:47:19 +0000

Just to say that Jean Johnson Jones of the Labanotation Institute at the
University of Surrey is working on this sort of project. I'll see if I can
get her to feed back on the stage of the research. Surrey is quite a
technical university and alliances have been made with one or more of the
engineering departments to this end.

>On the Laban conference -- who out there reading the list is involved in
>notation software? University of Surrey in collaboration with the Benesh
>Institute is working on a project which is apparently well funded. Can
>anyone tell me if we can anticipate the day when a dance notation system is
>linked with a 3-d movement animation program... which can reconstruct from
>the notation a visual 'danced' representation of the work, on-screen?
>Notation for a 5 minute dance will take up far less digital space (i
>presume) than a full 3-d rendering of it... so these dances could be sent
>back and forth across the world quickly via the net.
>Anone out there working on something like this?
>>ICKL 20th Conference to be held in Asia
>>The twentieth biennial conference of the International Council of
>>Kinetography Laban (ICKL) will take place August 8-14 at the Hong Kong
>>Academy of Performing Arts, during the Dance On '97 international event .
>>This conference, devoted to the exploration and application of Laban's
>>brilliant system of dance notation, is the very first to be held in the
>>Pacific Rim.
>What are the cultural implications of 'laban' in relationship to asian dance
>forms? Do 'essential' aspects of dance from non-western cultures suffer as a
>result of being recorded/ represented by 'western' notation systems? This is
>not a politically-correct question, but we have to admit that new media
>technologies are part of the ongoing massive globalization of culture... and
>there are serious questions about culture identity and diversity to be
>considered. An ecological view of culture would suggest that cultural
>systems maintain richness and variety when modes of representation are
>encouraged to compete. So, we should not search for the best or most
>'brilliant' notation system, but be prepared to handle a complex environment
>with competing notation systems each fighting for supremacy.
>With tongue firmly in cheek !!
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