Re: Question on Macs

nik (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 17:53:36 -0800

>thanks for the info. When is the P8 coming out?


don't know

intel doesn't keep me posted on these things = )

but i do know someone working on it who says it will look a lot more like
risc machine - plus maybe some special hardware support for mutlimedia like
this MMX stuff

just curious

u have a e-mail, what do u study there?

also for this whole list - i for one wouldn't mind if those who wanted
would (re)introduce themselves - and describe their interest in this list.
i find it kinda nice to get a sense of who is on the list and their

btw, i'm a doctoral student in computer science at UCLA who develops
mathematics so computers can be less logical, and therefore solve more
'real-world' problems. the problems i'm interested in mainly revolve
around visualization and modeling in molecular genetics and dance.

~ the dnc project - dance, networks, computing

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