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>Which computer systems are ahead in terms of dance technology and the
>human form? I mean are Macs really ahead with graphics and 3-D
>animation capabilities, or are the PC's pretty much the same? What
>about software? Does this differ?
>Replies appreciated!

i'm a big mac fanatic and feel the mac is clearly better and easier to use
for 2-d graphics (i.e. photoshop, painter, etc.) but for 3-D graphics pc's
(and sgi machines) dominate. this summer i'm going to do a lot of 3-D
studio max stuff and i can't do it on the mac. 3 D studio max doesn't exist
for the mac. i'm goin to pick-up a copy of lightwave-3d which just came
out on the mac; but has existed for NT for a while.

there are some mac plug-ins 2-d graphics stuff for the mac and not windows.
commerical art software is about the only software the is first designed
with the mac OS in mind then ported over to windows - which is not
surprising 'cuz about 80% of commerical artists use macs. photoshop is much
easier to use on a mac than windows - even though the software is the

also using NT is not about being 'hip.' it's a real operating system -
unlike dos/windows - and hence more stable. for example, in dos/windows i
can write programs that overwrite its kernal (either by mistake or
intentionally) which no real operating system should allow u to do,
supports multitasking etc.

i hate microsoft but grudgingly admit NT is a real OS - dos/windows is a
piece of sh%t

the bottom line is that nobody except 3-D modelling software first designs
for NT or UNIX then 'ports over' to a mac or windows. there is a reason for
this - these are very computationally intensive programs which can take
hours to render an image. NT and UNIX support multitasking and are more
stable which these kinds of programs need.

anyways my $0.02


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