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Richard Lord (
22 Apr 97 17:43:59 +0100

# Start of presentation

The lights dim and an image is projected onto a very large screen. It is a
single line of text - "Is it necessary for the body to be physically
present in a performance?". Below this appears another word. "No". Then
again. "No". then another "No" appears. and another. more and more versions
of the same word, in different styles, colours, sizes and shapes. No.
Scattered around the screen. Overlapping and on top of each other. Falling
over themselves in their rush to be seen. No. Obscuring the original
question as a quiet mumble starts to increase in volume. It is many voices
all saying that same word. No, no, no, no... and faces start to appear on
the screen. Some you know and some you don't - Carrie Grant, Bill Clinton,
Your next door neighbour, a stranger from the supermarket,... all say "No"
before disappearing. A collage of faces and noise generated from a single
word building to a crescendo, and a face peers around the side of the
screen. A real person. Timid, courageous, she steps forth into this
explosion of vision and sound, walking to the centre of the stage where she
enters the beam of a single spotlight. In that instant, the sound and film
cut off. The silence is truly deafening, and into this space the woman
speaks - "...but sometimes it helps." The light is extinguished.

# End of presentation.



On Sun, Apr 20, 1997 10:28 am, Amanda Stegel wrote:
>Hello again,
>I have been asked to speak on a panel at a forum kicking off with the
>following question
> - is it necessary for the body to be physically present in a performance?
>My question is (from curiosity and some food for thought): what would be
>your opening line if u were confronted with this question? The forum is
>dance and theatre bods of mixed interests.
>You can always reply to me personally if u don't wish to send you response
>out on this list.
>Best wishes,