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My initial feeling on this question is this:

For me, the body does not have to be physiclly represented for "it" to be a
"performance" but for me the body DOES have to be represented physically
for "it" to be dance. Dance can be the content for a video but then the
medium is a video, same for a telematic performance, or a book or a film or
a T-shirt. For me "it" is only "dance" when there are fleshy bodies moving
around with each other in actual space. I guess I am a purest...

(Funny how I found myself putting the word "it" into quotation marks
because I was using the word "it" to describe a performance knowing that
the "it " part somehow needed defining too, oh how deep we will go)

In response to Jason's question about what makes a performance I would say
this: If someone is watching something/someone and the intention of the
something/someone is for someone to watch them/it - then it is a

More later,

>Hello again,
>I have been asked to speak on a panel at a forum kicking off with the
>following question
> - is it necessary for the body to be physically present in a performance?
>My question is (from curiosity and some food for thought): what would be
>your opening line if u were confronted with this question? The forum is for
>dance and theatre bods of mixed interests.
>You can always reply to me personally if u don't wish to send you response
>out on this list.
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