Re: I couldn't help it!

Amanda Steggell (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 00:03:33 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi there - i couldn't help responding!

Scott - "Uninhabitation on the internet" - M@ggie lives because people
still respond to her homepage, with mails and gifts. I know that some-one
has been on the other end of the line. I respond. Many people enter M@ggie
becoz they think they'r gonna find porn. Many leave at once - some stay
awhile. A porn netzine asked if we could exchange links.

We see the activity on this list rising and falling. I think we'r here bcoz
it stimulates. We have a community, yes? We don't know how stable, but just
now, we go with it. It requires a dedication, though, and sometimes we have
to leave a while. I would not like to lose my netlife bcoz it has become a
part of mylife. But as for uninhabitation, how about a voluntary euthenasia
help group for the discontinuation of dying sites?

Johannes - "In order to find out whether the work is valid, we need to
perform it" - HURRAH!

"and since they were seated on two opposite sides" - yep, I'm into that
too, with the Motherboard, the men and women are divided. Children may
choose. However, by stating your gender (no-one has yet contested this
division, whch actually surprises me somewhat) we split the focus of a
group, sometimes serve them the same - duplicates, and sometimes not. With
three projection points on a long wall, sometimes an image is near, and a
body far away.
The audience asks each other "how was it 4

Dawn - "Dance can be the content for a video but then the medium is a
video" - yes!

Richard L - "the woman speaks - "...but sometimes it helps." - I love it :)

Thecla - "will and intention are powerful activators in performance" - yep!
"which brings about the question of boundary ... connection, paths of
transference (data if you will)"

Jason - "I find it hard to define the bodies role in performance without a
consensus on the 'p' word" - this reaction is coming out again! Everybody
seems to be working with performance these dayz! Back to Dawn!
I apply for funding to work with performance and installation. I say I'm a
choreographer. I say dancers r involved. I say I am using a good deal of
technological intervention. I say I am working with media artists and
musicians. I recieve funding to make dance performance. I use the money to
make both performance and installation. I get a few minutes on national
telly, and they say it is an extract from the ballet "Motherboard",
whatever I say.

On the panel I will talk about performance, because that's what I'v been
asked to talk about, and someone will say, but i was at your installation,
and I left bcoz there was no performance, and I will say, I am sorry you
were disappointed, it was an installation, but you performed well.

Well, that's all folks.

p.s I'm still waiting for the spring to arive .... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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