Re: telematics

Lisa Naugle (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:21:58 -0800 (PST)

Hi Everyone...

See my brief inserts below: ****

>New Dance Development, this depends upon those of us involved in education
>and project organising being able to provide as much access to everything
>digital as possible. This week one of our students in the annual video
>workshop has the first opportunity to edit her material digitally -- this is
>a small triumph

****Yes, this certainly is a triumph...congratulations, Scott.

>Looking forward to seeing the announcement Terry -- and I know that Mark and
>I, as well as the others reading this, are hopefull that the community
>represented by this renewed list and the 'Dance and Technology Zone' can be
>part of the beginnings of more coordination in the area of events/
>conferences/ symposia concerned specifically with 'dance and tech'.

****I'm with you on this...

>As for the states -- we've just seen the announcement of the plans to
>organise the 'Dance and Technology Four' in Arizona in Feb. 1999, which is a
>bit of a ways off. Does anyone know of anything new coming up there? Or
>anywhere else in the world -- specifically on dance/tech.?

****In Vancouver, Canada there is the Electronic Arts Festival in May. I
am working on the dance portion (choreography and interactive web page) for
a telematic performance on May 18th. More details to follow.

>I suppose the reason I'm going on a bit with this thought is that it would
>be great if we could all share a little more in these large projects that do
>take place -- even if we can't attend them... we can at least be aware of
>the people who are involved and the research and development that is being

**** I have been doing research and development in Vancouver for the past 1
1/2. My contract ends Mid May. I am searching for ways to continue the
work... I will keep you updated on where/who regarding the next large

****Additional news: The online dance course I co-developed and taught is
about to conclude. It was a terrific experience for me as an instructor
and for the students (from what they tell me but without having read their
evaluations) If anyone is interested in online course development,
please let me know....eventually I hope to bring telematics into
coursework on a regular basis.

Bye for now,

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