Re: telematics

Imma Sarries-Zgonc (
Mon, 31 Mar 97 01:02:17 -0000

>And just to show that we can dish it out as well as take it, watch this
>space in early summer (June/July ish) for an announcement of Digital
>Dancing 97 at the Riverside Studios in London, UK. The aim, as in previous
>years, is to be driven by the need to make work and to give full expression
>to that need by emphasising production above all else, believing that the
>learning and discourse will follow.

Mmmh! I did not know about it Terry. Could you please pass some more info ?

>As for the states -- we've just seen the announcement of the plans to
>organise the 'Dance and Technology Four' in Arizona in Feb. 1999,

Scott it would be nice to get more info on that as well.

Thank you.


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