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Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 18:03:32 +0200

Hello Terry,

At 01:02 PM 3/30/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I suppose, to sum up, that I believe that if these workshops
>are for artists then the need/desire of the participants to
>express/communicate ideas should drive the technology.

... and to a certain extent, at least with the students at the School for
New Dance Development, this depends upon those of us involved in education
and project organising being able to provide as much access to everything
digital as possible. This week one of our students in the annual video
workshop has the first opportunity to edit her material digitally -- this is
a small triumph which has been accomplished in the largely backwater
atmosphere at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

>So, Scott, we are all watching and with high expectations. Good luck.

... thanks... I will certainly report on how it goes (if it goes, funding

>And just to show that we can dish it out as well as take it, watch this
>space in early summer (June/July ish) for an announcement of Digital
>Dancing 97 at the Riverside Studios in London, UK.

Looking forward to seeing the announcement Terry -- and I know that Mark and
I, as well as the others reading this, are hopefull that the community
represented by this renewed list and the 'Dance and Technology Zone' can be
part of the beginnings of more coordination in the area of events/
conferences/ symposia concerned specifically with 'dance and tech'. In the
last year we have seen in Europe the June Symposium in Amsterdam (which
followed the Cyber5 conference in Madrid at which a group of dancers met ad
hoc to discuss the need for more conferences specifically focussed on 'dance
and tech' -- unfortunately not being followed up on much in Cyber6 that I
can see, except for Amanda's participation), Dick Hollander's Future Moves
in Rotterdam with the very interesting CyberStudio (w/ Motion Capture
technologies) and then the Digital Dancing 96. I think Dick is hoping to
arrange something for 1998, but not this coming year (Dick, maybe you want
to comment) -- so Digital Dancing 97 may be the main European event in 1997?
Does anyone have any news to contradict this observation?

As for the states -- we've just seen the announcement of the plans to
organise the 'Dance and Technology Four' in Arizona in Feb. 1999, which is a
bit of a ways off. Does anyone know of anything new coming up there? Or
anywhere else in the world -- specifically on dance/tech.?

I suppose the reason I'm going on a bit with this thought is that it would
be great if we could all share a little more in these large projects that do
take place -- even if we can't attend them... we can at least be aware of
the people who are involved and the research and development that is being
done. We can also encourage publications of conference proceedings when
possible... Terry's Digital Dancing site is a good
start. I'm sorry to have run out of resources to put much from the Amsterdam
conference on-line except for what you can find on the 'dance and tech zone'
(anyone out there have some extra money for transcriptions?). I think Dick
has been working on pulling together the documentation from Future Moves,
but am not sure whether this is going to be web-available or not.

Happy easter everyone,


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