Re: telematics

Imma Sarries-Zgonc (
Thu, 27 Mar 97 00:05:12 -0000

Well Scott,

It is nice to see how easly we can get mixed up and caught between different points of view!.
If this helps, may be instead of finding an idea or theme, you could give them a special text with a very specific but challanging issue, they will then be able to have something to hold on to but the interpretations and associations coming from each of them will -hopefuly- be very diverse, you will be surprised.This will avoid endless discussions about how each of them sees the idea, instead they will find the parameters to a great range of imaginative fantasies and memories.

Give them may be the choice to work in groups or alone, this will first of all make them think about their own visions to decide then wheather they need or want to develope them on their own or with someone else.
The nice thing in Chichester was that everybody was open to help other people's ideas take place, while each of them was working on their own concept or several other ones.

Enjoy it!


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