Re: telematics

Imma Sarries-Zgonc (
Thu, 27 Mar 97 00:05:55 -0000

You are welcome Lisa,

I have some questions to your project though.
Why is it that you decided through the performance to move from being between the dancers to go behind the camera? What will it mean in the context you will create to move from beeing watched, played with, synthesised, to be the gaze, the one who decises how the technique will be playing with the bodies, how they will be synthesised, manipulated....?
It is extremely challanging and I liked you saying it feels like a choice and not like angst, nice positive motivation!!

I am curious about your collection of word images, how you think of them so the dancers interact and/or react. It reminds me this exercise I give sometimes based on the way surrealists worked with automatic writing, only this time the word heard or read triggers movement, space relationships changes, and so on...Is this what you are thinking of? How is this going to work within the telematics? I mean, as I understand it then the exchange will hapen more from sound to movement than from movement to movement, .........and what about movement to sound.....?

Very exciting!


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