Re: telematics

Dawn Stoppiello (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 21:47:53 -0500 (EST)

Hello Scott and all list-ies!

Your tele-matic workshop sounds like good fun - wish I could participate
somehow. Anyway, Mark and I have created a few performances involving
telematics so I thought I should say my piece.

I rather liked what Mr. Braun had to say about asking the participants to
express a particular idea and not get to caught up on the "T"echnology.
Must our dances/performances that utelize new technologies always reference
said technology? I mean, they will reference it but must they be about what
the technology can do OR how you express an idea using one technology as
opposed to a different technology. Maybe it;s the same thing, I'm not sure.
I know we are in a learning, research, teaching, stage but I still must ask
the question. This is a challenge I face with my work daily!

The limitations and expressive possibilities of the "tele-space" will
automatically infiltrate the expression of an idea, whatever it is.
However, you will express idea "A" differently using that space than you
would express idea "A" in real space, right? Perhaps one lesson for the
participants of the workshop might be simply to collaborate with one or
more people from the other sites in expressing a specific idea (not about
being IN "tele-space", but some other unrelated idea) first as individuals
in their own "real" space then express that same idea in "tele-space"
making note of the differences. The biggest lesson being the asking of the
question of what ideas can be best expressed in "tele-space" and which
ideas are best expressed otherwise. Might make for interesting discussion.

And, I will add that my experience in creating tele-matic performance is
that the rehearsal process is so much more interesting than the final
product! When everyone finally settles down after seeing/feeling that they
can walk through each others bodies, seeing/hearing their new friends from
foreign lands (or neighboring rooms) and after they get get their lefts and
rights figured out the workshop might be over!!

Have fun, I will be interested to hear how it all goes down.


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