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Scott deLahunta (
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 09:30:28 +0100

Hi Lisa --

At 11:42 PM 12/12/96 -0800, you wrote:
>A bit of news:
>I have been collaborating with several artists between Vancouver, Canada
>and New York toward a WEB Site Performance which will be on December 15th
>at 5:00 (EST). The CUSEEME address is The Web Site
>Address is:

I'll try to find way to connect up... might be hard for me that day, unless
Mark manages to hook in from NYC. I've forwarded this notice to Maggie's
Love Bytes (do you know Amanda
Steggell?), and Susan Kozel of Surrey Univ. although it might be slightly
short notice for her. I have also forwarded this to the perform-l list as
the next Performance Studies conference is supposed to have a focus on
technology and performance... and many of those folks read that list.

I'm curious if others on the list are in a position to catch the show? Web
performances have been around as long as cuseeme became available, which was
a few years back. The first one I came across was in Chicago, a performance
artist who sent live CuSee-Me images of himself in a small room somewhere.
In net terms, this was two generations ago so I can't remember and have lost
the files... or they are on older hard drives on other PCs somewhere.
Stelarc has turned to net performances if anyone has been catching his
shows. There is also Maggie's Love Bytes (url above). This list should be a
good place to discuss web performances as one of the many ways in which the
discourses and practices of dance and technology are overlapping.

So, I'll be curious to see if some folks here catch it.


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