Lisa N's Performance

Mark Coniglio (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 09:03:30 -0500

>>A bit of news:
>>I have been collaborating with several artists between Vancouver, Canada
>>and New York toward a WEB Site Performance which will be on December 15th
>>at 5:00 (EST). The CUSEEME address is The Web Site
>>Address is:
I have a previous engagement that may preclude my participation. I will
attempt to return to my apartment in time to set up the camera and hook up.
Hopefully I will see some of the rest of you there.

Related to Scott's comments about the performance, I recently took part in
one of Amanda's performances. (I should say _barely_ took part because I
kept making silly mistakes with the, at that time, unfamiliar software.) I
must say that I was skpetical about CU See Me, but that upon actually doing
something with it I became enthused about the possibilities. This is
certainly the "little program that could" in the sense that it pumbs so
much bandwidth over a pithy 28.8K modem -- I was seeing real time updates
in several windows from 'round the world simultanesouly.

I look forward to a post show chat about the results of Lisa's show here.


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