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Lisa Naugle (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 23:42:32 -0800 (PST)

Fantastic!! Will certainly check out your 'alpha release'.

A bit of news:

I have been collaborating with several artists between Vancouver, Canada
and New York toward a WEB Site Performance which will be on December 15th
at 5:00 (EST). The CUSEEME address is The Web Site
Address is:

We will be trying to connect four sites: Theatre, Dance, Music and Poetry.
I am responsible for the Dance Site. From Vancouver, we will send video
and live dance.

Interact (with the dance) by sending messages to

We are in a very experimental process so you comments are most welcome.


>It's great to see the list coming alive a bit. A few days ago, Mark Coniglio
>sent a posting to this list about the website resource for artists and
>others who are interested in Dance and Technology that we are working on
>jointly. Given the small surge of activity suddenly on this list, we have
>decided that we should go public with the 'alpha release' version of this
>site now, which is -- so that folks can get
>a sense of what we are up to. Those of you who have been around for a bit,
>will recognise similarities with the Dance and Technology website at Ohio
>University which has not been active so much over the last couple of years,
>but which has an interesting bibliography up through 1980 and a great list
>of 'who's who'. That site URL is
>As Mark mentioned, we also intend to send an invitation to several artists
>worldwide who are doing work related to dance and technology, encouraging
>them to join this list. I work in Europe and, in the last eight months, have
>seen and been involved in an increasing number of activities here in the
>area of 'dance and technology', and I'm hoping all of my new contacts will
>join the discussions on this list. We will be sending this invitation out
>soon (in fact, some of you may be receiving it).
>So, please visit our very in-progress site. We welcome and need your
>feedback and suggestions... and if you have material you would like to see
>included in one of the sections, artist's pages, bibliography, events, etc.,
>please submit it to us.
>Scott deLahunta and Susan Rethorst
>Writing Research Associates, NL
>Sarphatipark 26-3, 1072 PB Amsterdam, NL
>ph: +31 (0)20 662 1736

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