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Lile Elam ((no email))
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 13:33:34 -0700

Hi Kellie,

Thanks for making a link to our site.

As for the Charlston artists, I would suggest
that they just put up images of art they want to share.
The resolution of the images displayed could be a low resolution so
that if it was copied it would not be a good copy. They could also
scan the art in at such a small size that when printed, it would
be the size of a postage stamp and not much use when expanded
due to pixelation distortion. I think gifs are good for this.

Also, they should put copyright notices on their images and
specifically state that their images are copyright'ed and that
the images are for screen viewing only.

Finally, artists need to decide for themselves if the
exposure of their art to the masses is worth taking the
risk of their art being copied. Most artists on our site
only put up what they are willing to share with others
and they will not show art that they want to have complete
control of in areas of distribution and use.

I hope the above helps. Please let us know if you
have more questions.



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> Greetings,
> Just wanted to tell you that I added a pointer to you on our OUMIS Arts pages (
> We're trying to get some of the Charleston artists online, but they are afraid
> someone will steal their images. Any suggestions to help them overcome their
> fears?
> Thanks,
> Kellie Sims -
> SIMS Internet Matrix Southeast -