disk space usage guidlines

Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 02:01:01 -0700

Dear artists,

There have been a couple of you wondering about disk space usage and
if we have limits and such. So I wanted to let everyone know how
this is currently handled.

At this time we have no disk space limit for our artists. The only
thing we ask is that artists not store art here that they are not
showing in their spaces. We should have enough space for everyone if
people are mindful of this goal.

If you have a new exhibit or show, it's fine to keep the previous
show online as long as you link to it in some way so that it's
available for viewing. If you plan to archive it, just archive it
on your local host and not art.net.

We currently have 1 gig of disk for our website and are using about
half of it at this time. So this means we can grow abit before we
get tight for space. Hopefully when that time comes, we will have
purchased a 4 gig Seagate Baracuda (super fast) drive for our website.

Finally, I just wanted to remind everyone that we do backups here
about once a month. So you will really want to have a backup copy
of your studio and gallery rooms on your local or home machine.

Hopefully we will also get backup system setup and in place by
the first of 1996 so that we can have tape archives and disk to
disk backups for data retrievals. We will also plan to store tapes
offsite as well (ie. like in a bank vault) for desaster recovery.
We might even eventually have a mirror site of art.net in another
country but that is sometime down the road.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about
the above.


(a webmaster@art.net)