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Julia Kay (
24 Aug 1995 22:06:29 -0800

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well, i use and like gifconverter (i think its about $40) but actually i've
ended up using gifs because i thought the gifs looked better than the jpegs
some percent of the time, and equivalent the rest of the time. occasionally
images got really messed up being jpeged but never when being gifed. so thats
what i know... if you're interested in gifconverter the person to order from
kevin a mitchell
po box 803066
chicago, ill 60680-3066
If anyone knows of a better shareware and/or any problems with this one, i'd
like to know, too!

Date: 8/24/95 7:24 PM
To: Julia Kay
From: Ralph Ivy
I'm for whatever is easier for the artist to put up. (To say I still
use a manual to log in would be an exageration - but not much!)

I do like the idea of starting with thumbnails to allow the browser a
quick overview - and then to full screen if desired.

At present I only have a gif graphics converter; any shareware out there
recommended for JPEGs. (Again, the simplier the point and click, the better.)

Ralph Ivy

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