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diane fenster (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 22:05:05 -0700 (PDT)

>I don't believe in censorship of any kind Mike and actually I am very sorry
>that I said anything at all I just wanted the others at art net to let me
>know if information about the crisis in Puerto Rico is known in the United
>States because the news is blacked out in Upper Canada


i am writing this because i don't like the tone of the messages you've been
sending michael betancourt. you are making assumptions without complete

if information about puerto rico is all you wanted then that's what you
should have asked about.

michael put up those pages about art/pornagraphy and censorship with the
consensus of all of us at art on the net. our group site was recently
called to testify in the hearings that took place in new mexico where the
ACLU was contesting a new mexico law that would threaten freedom of speech
on the internet.

in case you don't remember ...the following is the original call that lile
edam (our web maestro) put to all of us concerning this court case.


>Hi fellow artists,

I am looking for all the artists on our site who work with the
nude figure or create written works that include sexual related

Please let me know if you feel your work violates the following
text of the New Mexico law, Senate Bill 127, which amends Chapter 30,
Article 37 NMSA 1978. It reads:

"Dissemination of material that is harmful to a minor by computer
consists of the use of a computer communications system that allows the
input, output, examination or transfer of computer data or computer
programs from one computer to another, to knowingly and intentionally
initiate or engage in communication with a person under eighteen years
of age when such communication in whole or in part depicts actual or
simulated nudity, sexual intercourse or any other sexual conduct.
Whoever commits dissemination of material that is harmful to a minor by
computer is guilty of a misdemeanor."

This is in preparation of the court case we are participation in
as a plaintiff which will be contesting the New Mexico CDA law above.

I need your responses by tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Please let me
know if you have any questions.


so michael's section wasn't put up just out of the blue. it was a response
out of concern for this court case.

have more respect for your fellow members at

>Nidia is my only source of information regarding the strikes against
>privitization of public utilities in her country.

then i suggest you be in contact directly with nidia if you want more
information regarding the strike.

diane fenster