I dreamed of water                     And the penguin                           And they all came back,                    Paddling a deep round lake,                     Navigating swampy channels,                       The rush and pound
        again, after all                       that squirmed its way                     those years of water                       willow strands hanging                          the hidden path:                                  of dark waves eating 
        the dry years.                         into my car, bit                          dreams, surrounding                        over the wall, searching,                       flower-lined and mossy                            sandstone cliffs,                             I found her then,
                                               my hand, and took me                      me now. Like her.                          touching the water; brushing                    banked, in an old wooden                          leaving a single house,                       but almost never
        The lake, and the cottage              to all his places:                        Just off the edge.                         the sides of my canoe.                          Chris-Craft, hurrying into town,                  with an old Chinese man                       could hold
        on the other side.                          the cave, the junkyard,                                                                                                         to market, to sell our                            painting symbols, untouched.                  the memory.
        The road with too many cars                 blond hair and                                                                                                                  water-gathered goods.
        to cross, and how                           the unwilling hitchhiker.                
        will I get there?                                                                                                                                

Poem: Sept 10, 1992
Painting: Feb 6, 1995

Simran Gleason

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