European Art

Cristache Gheorghiu

Portraits and landscapes are my favourite paintings, inspired from the travels around the United States and Europe, where I currently reside.

Realistic Landscapes

Hills        Bushes          Summer  

Non-very-realistic paintings

Abstract 1

Almost Street

Abstract 2
Usurer woman                Sly man                Old peasant woman

My pumpkin is the best

Good quality photos of your portraits or other subjects that you want me to paint are accepted.

You can send jpg or gif files, through e-mail to
or just send the photo through snail mail to my full address which is to be found at the bottom of this page.


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For ordering replicas of these samples e-mail me now specifying the title and size of the paintings which you want.

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My Thoughts

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Philosophy or Philo-Sophia
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My full address:

Cristache Gheorghiu
Casuta postala 14, Oficiul 1
Brasov, cod 2200, Romania
Tel+Fax 40 68 322111

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