Stray Thoughts

This is not any collection of maxims. It is my collection. Original or picked up, they form together an ensemble speaking about me, who have displayed them here. I do not take possession of their wisdom but only show that they liked me, maybe sometime they have moulded my way to thought.

* Tasts may be different; only the good taste is common.
* An error often is an exaggeration of a truth.
* We do not convince anyone showing him our contempt; only love brings one closer.
* Do not try to destroy a segment with the axe; you will get two segments.
* Do not run over your own shadow; it looks like you.
* The philosophy of the Leaning Tower of Pisa: you must lean to become famous.
* Stable ideas have the advantage that you know where to take them from, whenever you want.
* It is true that string keeps the paper dragon but it raises it as well.
* Remember that you are unique, like all the others.
* In Logic, a true statement denied becomes a false statement while, in life, a good thought might be contradicted by another good thought and remains a good thought any longer.

* There is a paradox. One gives something and goes on keeping it. I sold a painting; the object is not longer mine but the joy of creation is still greater knowing that someone else admires it because what actually is worth to me is not the canvas but the creation. A singer keeps nothing from his music except the joy to sing; he shares it with us. It same is when we share our ideas. They remain ours afterwards as well. Finally, we are the result of our own history, that's to say, of our deeds, good and bad. What remains is the satisfaction of our deeds.

* The mountain, like the man, is laid between the earth and sky but, through the mountain, the earth rises toward the sky while, through the man, the sky went down on the earth.

* If you can express your knowledge in five minutes, you are a wise person. If it lasts an hour, your knowledge is not still systematised. For more than an hour you have nothing interesting to say.

* Children do not repeat their parent's mistakes. They do some original ones but in according with the education received from their parents.

* A contester (someone who usually contests, denies) will always be of the left in a right regime and vice versa.

* Our will is not always the best guide.
* We fierily argue to our closed fellows some small differences between our opinions but never talk about the great ones.