A Smile

* Give a hammer to a child and everything becomes nail!
* Who has nothing to say, lives for nothing!
* The mirror does not show more than you show to it. * There is only a small difference between "free" and "fee" but it could cost alot.
* We will never know the measure in which dogs have contributed with their fidelity and devotion to people's taming.
* Yoga has demonstrated that the man can be seat in any position.
* Did our ancestors really ever ask that we will be their bright future?
* Do not try to explain to the dog that trees are different.
* Democracy = the right of stupid people to elect their intelligent representatives.
* Sometimes I give myself as an example but often forget to specify if it is a good or a bad one.
* Sometimes a woman forgives a man who forced an opportunity but never that who missed one.
* By virtue of the inertia...., as the inertia would be a virtue.
* World is made by love but life is a fight!
Subject: Just a Deduction
Early in the morning, waiting for the tram, Itzic (Jewish name) sees a well-dressed man. His presence was being unexpected. Itzic thought:
- Such a well dressed man does not use a tram to go to the work;
- If he does not go, maybe he is coming;
- Where could he come from so early in the morning? Surely he is coming from a woman;
- A handsome man like this comes from a nice woman;
- I know all the nice women from our district;
- One of them is Natasha but she is left to her parents;
- Another is Rachel, but it is me who comes from she;
- The third one is my wife. She has three trueloves.
- The first is my boss, normally;
- The second is her boss, naturally;
- The third one is a certain mister Abramovitch.
"Good morning, mister Abramovitch."
"Good morning, what a pleasure, but how you know my name?"
"Simple deduction."
Subject: Soviet Soldiers
Ivan and Kolea where the best friends, as early as their military service. Betraying their vow to stay bachelors, Ivan made up his mind to marry. Of course, he wanted his best friend as guest at the wedding. Kolea firstly refused because they asked him to come clean and nicely dressed, but finally he came as they wanted.
"Thank you Kolea for coming. You proved that our friendship is still powerful".
"Yes, besides, with this opportunity, I found my old wool waistcoat".
"What waistcoat?"
"Do not you remember my waist which I used to wear under the uniform during those severe winters?"
"Yes, I am remembering now. Where did you find it?"
"Under my shirt."