The Snapdragon Chronicles Home Page

The Snapdragon Chronicles Home Page

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  • For Snapdragon Chronicles 6-8, I've been fortunate enough to have the aid of Benson P. Yang's wonderful ink assists.

    What is "The Snapdragon Chronicles"?

    The "Snapdragon Chronicles" (SDC for short) is a mini-comic book I've been working on ever since I came to college. It is published somewhat bi-monthly in Voo Doo: The MIT Journal of Humor. So far there have been eight issues of SDC plus one three page special. And now I've been able to put SDC on the World Wide Web so it can be enjoyed, criticized, hated, and flamed by all with decent internet access.

    Snapdragon Chronicles 1-4 are now available. (It's about time, too!)

    The Characters of Snapdragon

    Descriptions of all the major characters, most of the minor characters, and some of the really inconsequential characters whose only purpose for existing is to serve as fodder for the main characters.

    The Snapdragon Chronicles 5

    Semi-summary and recap of most of the characters and what the heck they are up to. In addition, there is a text summary of the events that have happened from SDC #1 to #5.

    The Snapdragon Chronicles 6

    Horrin enters Earth and "disarms" some poor person. Ohani Rhiannia (while searching for her lost sister Cygnus Rhiannia) stumbles into our world as well.

    The Snapdragon Chronicles 7

    Ohani Rhiannia gets rescued, finds her sister, and solves the mystery of Mika (which won't be revealed until SDC 8).

    The Snapdragon Chronicles 8

    The secret of Mika is revealed! Yuna's lab is under seige by Horrin and friends! Rhyo and Siana Rhiannia are about to travel to Earth to get their kids (Ohani and Cygnus) back! Everything's about to happen - it just doesn't happen yet. ^_^

    Sketch Book

    Each and every issue of SDC is born within the sketchbook first. Each page is laid out as a thumbnail and 85% of the rough sketches in the layout are re-sketched in actual size, as a sort of "final sketch" to better visualize what the final illustration should look like. All character design comes from these pages. Everything that the Snapdragon Chronicles is and could be is within the sketchbook.

    Art Gallery

    Images of stand alone "pinup" pieces. Lots of color SDC characters. Please note that Velocity is trademark and copyright Top Cow Productions.

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