The Characters of Snapdragon Chronicles

Kentaro Kawanishi

He's an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and Cygnus have been *friends* for quite some time now. Although he is a Psychology major, his prospects of actually graduating are growing dimmer with each new adventure. Kentaro also has a healing factor, although the exact reason for this has not been disclosed yet.

Cygnus Rhiannia

Cygnus is a very young (age 18) member of the Vanir, the silver age of humankind. Cygnus is currently stuck on Earth (details on how this happened are in SDC #2). She has long ears, but also has a magic ring that keeps them from being noticed. She is very *fast*, and has a few spells up her sleeve.


Mutagen Integrated Karyogamatic Android. This little girl of about 7 or 8 is an enigma. Apparently she came into being as an incredible feat of genetic extrapolation - she was grown from a single human hair via a mysterious mutagen found by Professor Yuna. She has what one could call super powers. Mika is exceptionally mobile for her size, and can generate a kaon wave. A kaon is an unstable meson produced in either an electrically charged form or a neutral form as the result of a high-energy particle collision. In SDC #8, it is revealed that she is actually of the Golden Age of Humankind. This means that she represents an incredible amount of power - power that the evil Horrin wants for himself.


Walter is currently a minor character. He is Mika's friend - they met in the park one day. He has a beagle puppy.

Kachina (Katrina)

Kachina is a human who has been augmented with Professor Yuna's mutagen. Although she possesses similar abilities to Mika, her powers are not up to par with the little girl's. Kachina's own research centers around her exoskeleton, which is a powered suit of armor capable of flight. Whereas the technology does exist, the power scource, which is Kachina's very own kaon emissions, is impossible to reproduce on a mass production scale.

Professor Yuna

Originally an MIT professor, when a certain branch of the government decided that her research of the mutagen was too valuable to be in anyone's hands except their own, she was forced to go into hiding deep into MIT's subterranean infrastructure. Her lab was raided, and a lot of her data was confiscated. The important aspects however, like Mika, were saved.

Ohani Rhiannia

Ohani Rhiannia is a budding young warrior-to-be Vanir at age 57. Whereas her intelligence and combat acumen are exceptional for her age, her proficiency in magic is rather stunted, being limited mostly to shadows and other *tricks* that pertain to the Magic of Dark.


Horrin is a bad guy. Not much about him has been revealed yet. He is very powerful, and kinda silent too.


Horrin's minion. Grak is just a name I made up - actually this demon has no real name right now. He might get a name by SDC #9 though. You'll have to wait(!).


Another evil minion who's name is not his real name which may be subject to change.

Government Agent

Very minor character. Poor guy gets killed kinda grotesquely in SDC #6.


First appearance was SDC #2. Skytor is a Guardian, a very elite position in the order of things. He is by race one of the Vanir, but he also possesses truesight, a congenital affliction that only lets him see the true nature of things. To him, there is no illusion.

Rhyo Shenkin Rhiannia

Rhyo is a very powerful member of the Vanir. He is 417 years old, husband to Siana Rhiannia, and the father of Ohani and Cygnus Rhiannia.

Siana Rhiannia

Siana is also a very powerful member of the Vanir. She is 423 years old.

Chiga Arama (can't forget her!)

Chiga is 7 years old. She is a magical prodigy, especially with the magic of Light. She also has a pet dragon named Kaput who may show up in SDC one of these days! There's a picture of them in my Art Gallery at Art on the Net.

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