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Art is expression of the ideal. Without these images of perfect people and fantasy novels, where would dreams and goals come from?

- Ginger Tong

6/10/98 - Hello. The most recent stuff is "2nd Chance." Please keep in mind that both the rough layouts and the much nicer finished pieces are available.
Pencils of pages 1-7 from "2nd Chance"
  • 2nd Chance, Page 1/7, and it's corresponding layout.
  • 2nd Chance, Page 2/7, and it's corresponding layout.
  • 2nd Chance, Page 3/7, and it's corresponding layout.
  • 2nd Chance, Page 4/7, and it's corresponding layout.
  • 2nd Chance, Page 5/7, and it's corresponding layout.
  • 2nd Chance, Page 6/7, and it's corresponding layout 1 and layout 2.
  • 2nd Chance, Page 7/7, and it's corresponding layout.

    Pencil Excerpt (pages 3-7) from "The Phoenix Crusade"
  • Page 3 (160kb Jpeg)
  • Page 4 (105kb Jpeg)
  • Page 5 (122kb Jpeg)
  • Page 6 (168kb Jpeg)
  • Page 7 (146kb Jpeg)

    Rhyo, Someone, and Chiga (96k)

    The woman in the white and gold armor desperately needs a name - I'm open to suggestions . . .

    Lloric and the Dragon. (569k)

    Pencil drawing of a castle, complete with obligatory Knight and Dragon. I drew this my junior year in high school (1992). Three weeks, five periods a day - yeah!

    Velocity from Cyberforce! (123k)

    She's trademark and copyright 1995 Top Cow Productions. You should check out their stuff - its the best in the industry.

    The Snapdragon Chronicles Homepage

    This is a comic book I've been drawing for the past two years. Issues 5-8 are available online. There is an average of 7 pages per issue. In general, SDC (Snapdragon Chronicles) is a hybrid science fiction/fantasy story about the interaction between a magical world and ours. The year is 2012 A.D..

  • I also have additional artwork that has been published in 15 RUNE: An MIT Journal of Arts and Letters.

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    My Favorite Anime/Manga Artists on the Web

  • Eri Irazawa, one of my mentors, she's both a very good writer and artist.
  • Aimo - She is a very promising young artist.
  • Jennifer Kolanek - The creator of my favorite web-based comic book, RunAMUCK. Check it out!
  • Hiro^2 - probably the most famous of us, Hiro^2 has my highest respect. Not only is he damn good, but he hosts pages for internet-challenged artists as well as some pretty good "how-to-draw" lessons.

    Want to know more (like I've actually told you anything!) about me? Take a look at my Homepage as well! Yes, you click on the little picture . . . good boy . . .
    You can also email me (chiutech@mit.edu), or even better yet, you can finger me to see if my computer is up and then talk to me.

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    Have you read the COPYRIGHT INFO?
  • With exception of Velocity, all characters are copyright and trademark 1995 by Henry Chiu.
  • Ohani, Siana, Rhyo, Chiga, and Kaput are from a comic strip I draw that is published roughly bimonthly in Voo Doo: The MIT Journal of Humor. The strip is called, "The Snapdragon Chronicles", averages 7 pages an issue, and currently there have been 8 issues plus one 3 page special. But anyway . . .