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Choose any of the 16 entries into this tale of Alma Genestra's journey through rage and outrage as she struggles to flee from and to face the alcoholism which pervades her family.
You will build up your unique picture of Alma, her thoughts, actions, and what underlies them depending on which sections you choose and the order in which you select them.
What is the source of Alma's fury? How will this affect her decisions about the fate of the child Olive? Will anyone help Alma or does she find only deceit and uncaring?


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The Lines of Demarcation


Enter a parthenogenetic world where lines of demarcation govern the planet and etch hearts and minds.

Zidaanna: the Balance of Heaven


Enter a fractal fantasy of identity and devotion


Zidaanna: index

The Meadow

Time is an ocean for friendship to navigate



the meadow: map

poetry/images Explore the realms where poetry and images merge


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