We stacked the cabin's contents along one wall in the kitchen.
I dropped Olive's sorry bag of clothes at the last.
It didn't look like much, even for a flaky student and that I wasn't.
Adonie hadn't accepted my plan to toss things in storage and live in the car
until I decided what to do.
"I don't want to live just any place. I hate some places. They're suffocating."
"I couldn't agree more," Adonie replied as if we were having a discussion.
"But living in the car isn't practical."
"Why not? It won't be forever."
"Why waste money on storage if it isn't essential? And it's certainly not
going to be very comfortable in the car. It'll be cramped, not to mention
flat inconvenient. Why put up with it? It could turn cold any day.
Stay in the house with me. You know I'm not likely to interfere with you.
Nor you with me. Which is why I'm suggesting it. I don't want to be disturbed,
either, but why make it more difficult for yourself than it needs to be?
And there's Olive."