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We cleaned out the shack in two trips. It was nearly dark when we departed the second time. "What about Andrew?" Adonie asked. She remained on the porch behind me as I started off toward the car and jerked my head at Olive. She knew that meant to get in the passenger side and sit still. Sitting still was her own idea.
I turned back. Blue and black shadows condensed under the roof. "He's wild. He'll do whatever he wants. Whatever he did before I showed up here."
"We could take him along."
"Why? He'd probably hate it." I hated it when people anthropomorphosized everything and thought that made everything better. What did she know about what a cat might want? What did I? "If he does I'll bring him back."
"Suit yourself. He's not mine."
"I'll ask him."
I thought she was joking but she squatted before him for a time speaking too low for me to hear as I went to the car and started it up. I left. She knew the way by now.