Esme(e)'s smile, a moment no more, transformed her face superlatively instantly changing them every 1 in a moment, no more, no heart could bear more of that beauty inconceivable it had been sworn unimaginable to any mortal but twas the thread and stem  of life's hope it was just to see it a moment, no more.
        Esme(e)'s smile ended all barriers.
        Esme(e) defined the center of the platform.
        With spotless stockings and erudite drawl Esme(e) charmed them.
        Or so I thought.  Esme(e) stood and the silence lasted for the length of her stillness.
        The women seemed not to care.
        The pose was exquisite.
        The mastery eloquent.
        And Esme(e)'s nose, that striking straight finely etched nose, matchless.
        Delineated thusly, the episode had already commenced.
My ignorance beat like anything 1/2 destroyed and would not die.
Elaine like a self-puffed cake enduring for the sweet douse of cream held her board outstretched before her. The outstretched board where beads slid and clacked and metal hooks plucked and accumulated wealth in numbers safe.
Carrie's single thread grew longer than her life.
Sitting straight-spined Violet spoke in languages and all of them were mathematics.

Rose frowned perplexed touching her nascent machine with its dials and its grids.
Wealth in contests won.
More wealth blossoms than mastering the seas by manipulating time.

All the same Esme(e) said, "Now."

This did not tune attention. Contrary to my expectation but flowing with my ignorance this broke apart their familiar tableau with Carrie drawing forth her spindle from her woollen folds while Rose produced a nascent machine for logging time and distance vertically throughout the expanded world.
Elaine ignored her extracting her computational board from its viny niche and Violet smiled and sat upon her stack of books which were all, she declared, lists of lists. Knowledge it was quite clear to them expanded with the world as though it had been thought and as though that thought were viable.