Frank grinned up at me. "Rider! I'm so happy! How can I thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou," Frank's laughter bubbled irrespressibly from her and was like a warm glowing fire in the midst of a wet wilderness. "I have more information now about carcs than I hoped to gather in cycles. Do you know, your carc did not seem to mind my observing it or estimating measurements or processes or watching it draw or anything. It even let me study its eye. From where I was, of course. I didn't move from where you told me to sit, rider."
        I nodded.
        "Is it true that when you ride you tell it what to do in your head and it knows what you think? I've heard that but all I know is riders never yell at carcs in races so either you get everything straight beforehand and how could you since you can't even know everything that could happen in a race I don't think not even if you've raced the course before or else you just take your chances which seems silly or else you do communicate with the carc. Of course it could be another way like radiation or some wave or particle signals if the carcs could distinguish them. Or signs, I guess. But how do you?" I think Frank paused for breath.