"We communicate during a race differently than at any other time. It's not easy to explain. I don't tell the carc what to do. Good riders don't. Effective riders. What occurs is a merging to some extent of our thoughts and perceptions. These cover a different range and so blended we are an augmented being. For the duration of a race our consciousnesses are linked and portions blend." 
        Frank recorded this catching her lip in her concentration. It reminded me of Pennbaston. Her brown eyes grew larger. "But this is just amazing. It gives me something to think about as I construct my control unit for my ship." 
        "This carc and I are exceptionally matched because I reassembled it." 
        "So you knew its capacities and you knew precisely how to utilize them to the fullest in regard to your own abilities. And how to best facilitate even the conduits of communication. Structure as well as content, I mean." 
        Frank shook rain from her sleeve. "Rider, do you think some time you could come to my lab? Do you think you could speak with me about this reassembly? I would like incredibly much to know it for carcs but also the outline of the procedure because I think with slight adjustments it could be applied to my work. I'd like to show you my work." 
        "Yes, I can do that." 
        Frank laughed again. "Thank you, rider! I just feel that so many things have opened up today! I absolutely love it when entire realms of things to be learned just jump up in front of me and open. Don't you feel that way often?" 
        I nodded. 
        "I think I'd like to get back to my lab now. There are new things I need to test. Should I do anything for the carc? As a kind of thank you to it?" 
        "No, the carc is fine." 
        "Ok!" Frank ran off but just within the trees she turned back pushing a wet fan of branches aside. "What about you, rider? It's awfully cold." 
        "Go along to your lab." 
        She vanished.