Ok, here's how I got myself oriented. As I went about discovering the DysArc I made the image below, a schematic view of the Arcade as seen from directly overhead.
Each cube is an Arcade room or specialty area and the sphere is what I call the central Exchange because all the rooms connect to it directly no matter what else they do.
Now I've made the image into a map you can use to explore the Arcade. Click on the cubes and sphere to find out what I've found out so far.

Arcade schematic topCreeturs museumMachines RoomFluid Roomthe BorderGot Teeth?Skins and morethe Tree RoomSpaceNliq: a fantasythe Still Roomthe cafeRaces arenalost and foundthe PartitionsRuinsAlchemythe Bridge central Exchange

I've given you these shapes pictured inside a stony globe because the DysArc is cut into rock. A few sections of the Arcade reach the surface and extend beyond. One portion breaches the stone and extends out over a deep canyon or abyss. This may not be the original plan but erosion instead.
Get the feel of 3D space with more schematics: front and left views, and one from the right.

Take a look at the 3D mesh and shaded models I work with.

When you need to know, there are links to resources.

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