This page is devoted to manipulations of newly created images. I use programs like
3D F/X, RTEdit or PSP to create the original picture and then put it through many of the filters in Photoshop or KPT or whatever until I achieve an image that I am happy with. This may take anywhere from 10 to 100 manipulations and "undo's" and "redo's". But like most Artists I "know" when I have achieved what I am looking for. This first pic was created from the Logo that you see above.

Hawk Battles the Storm
Jewelled Portals

Souls on Fire
StarHawk's Journey
Spider Land

Lady of the Light
A Golden Smile
Tempest in the Skies

Smiling Faces -230KB
Behind the Blocks

Fractal Dimensions

Space I
Space II
Beyond Space
Objets D'Art
Java Anims

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