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These animations were created in PhotoImpact and GifConstruction. The Clock, Galleon, Window and Carcer were created from drawings (artists unknown) converted from .BMP into .GIF and then the individual drawings were collated in GifConstruction to create the animations.
The remainder are all originals created using models from 3D Studio and 3D F/X. Click on the Image.......

Be sure you have lots of memory.

Watching the world go Round and Round

Animated Clock - 35kb

Galleon Sailing Away - 65kb

Open Windows - 75kb

Scrambling Cells - 62kb

Flight into the Worm Hole - 280KB

Carcer - 95kb

Comet - 28kb

Vanishing Act - 320KB

Logo - 80kb

This animation is of a Marlin coming up out of the water and spinning for joy - 226 KB

Star Flight

This animation shows the Enterprise entering from the top center of the screen and swooping down past the Revolving Space Station and Revolving Earth and coming to a full stop beside them. It is 320 KB and should load in approx 2 minutes with a 28.8 modem.

Fractal Dimensions

Space I
Space II
Beyond Space
Objets D'Art
Java Anims

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