Portraits, Self Portraits, and Masks

by Simran Singh Gleason

"Overlay," the First Mask Series

Exploring one very small facet of the universe of mascetisicm: The overlay of persona with image. Is image as apparent as we might wish? How fully can substrate really be masked?

Seeds. Pastel and Charcoal. (gif 200 K)
This image came to me while watching Joseph Campbell on video, and is really what kicked off my recent work in the mask domain.

Substrate. Charcoal. (gif 128 K)
Here, I guess, is where we start. A simple self portrait in charcoal.

Overlay #1. Pastel. (gif 144 K)
Flat mask on modeled body. Tight reins. No path followed.

Overlay #2. Pastel. (gif 380 K)
The mask molds the body. Sharp angles; chiseled muscles. Beginning to find a new direction.

Identities. Charcoal & pastel on textured acrylic ground, electronically manipulated. (gif 264 K)

Plucking identities out of the universe of available personae. Life directions chosen with each grasp.