Paintings by
Simran Singh Gleason

Over and over I find myself drawn to painting the landscape. Land and environment have always evoked strong emotions for me and I have been struggling, thoughout the time I have been making art, with trying to convey some of the feeling of being in a place. I feel this is, ultimately, an impossible task; yet so often I cannot stop myself from stopping by the road, setting up my easel, and scribbling away.

In my ongoing efforts to learn to draw I spend a lot of time (not nearly enough!) drawing landscapes representationally (voyeuristically, I have been told), where I am simply trying to hone my drawing skills. Are these drawings high art? Art at all? Does it matter if I am good at drawing or not? Is landscape painting a valid artistic expression for me at all? I would like to address these questions in a little more detail in my Landspaces artist's statement.

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* The San Mateo Coastside: Where I live
* Stanford University & some phunky sandstone buildings!
* More pictures from the San Francisco Bay Area
* Northern Michigan: Where I grew up