Digital Paintings: Drawings and Studies

by Simran Singh Gleason

Study for "Shakti"

A study for a painting I'm working on in the Ecstasies series, that will debut in my one-artist show at the Coastal Arts League Museum this May (Go ahead, make my day, ask me for details, I dare you!). I'm currently working on the painting in Acrylic on paper. In this electronic drawing I first laid down the "bones," the black underlying lines that form the "skeleton" structure of the piece, and then used the wet layer (We're talking Painter 2.4 here, folks) to overlay color. In the Acrylic piece, I started by laying in the "bones" with black acrylic with sand and heavy clear gel mixed in, thick, sometimes jutting out almost a half inch from the paper. After that dried, I began laying in color using acrylic thinned with water and medium gloss gel so it would be transparent and show the black through. After that I began laying in some highlights and doing more round-form modeling. Hopefully I'll post it when i finish.

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