Digital Paintings: Drawings and Studies

by Simran Singh Gleason

Boundaries 1

This one was done entirely in Photoshop (the Sparc version, no less!). Lessee, I used image calculations together with the gaussian blur, offset, and levels adjustments to make tubular forms out of line drawings, then took the negative of the whole thing, applied the twirl filter, added a few color effect, negatived it back, then pasted the original back to get the yellow line and the tubular figure, then pastedthe tubular figure on again several times.

Oh, what does it mean? Is that what you were asking?
Well, I'd say this has something to do with my struggle to retain my own boundaries in the face of conflicting demands of living within society along with the attempt to maintain high levels of natural ecstasy (a particular problem when I was practicing yoga four to six hours a day).

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