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Early Titian at the Galleria Palatina in Florence

Transcript from notebook
"Titian's (possible early) work: It is impossible to read what was done exactly, but reading early, more finished work might be helpful in understanding later work.

"Along the boundaries of the arms, I see parallel strokes in relief, but this area also has much transparent glazing. The boundaries are not dark. They are warm (Venetian Red?) value 2-3. At the terminal edge, there is a vague step to dark which moves from parallel transparent brown to opaque brown. Inside the form, an imperceptible transition to a frothy or tamped texture nearly does not provide direction, but is worked into a wet glaze. This procedure seems to be repeated many times, effecting luminosity. The hair is very meticulously rendered, showing each strand (painful). Gloppy paint was applied for highlight on vase."

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